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    • Responsive Time Logger

      -  Version  4.03.17
      Responsive Time Logger is a professional time and
      billing tool for consultants, lawyers, accountants,
      and others who bill for their time. Use the built-in
      stopwatch for time tracking, or enter time and expense
      data at the end of the day. A tightly integrated Palm
      interface (FREE) lets you log your time while away
      from your computer.

      Some of the features include: multiple stopwatches,
      flexible import/export, interface for Quicken and
      Quickbooks, drag and drop clocks for setting start and
      end times, automatic backup, customizable toolbars,
      automatic multiple-client invoicing, mini-stopwatch,
      customizable language for reports, customizable
      invoices, unlimited report formats, options for
      jumping back and forth between tasks, multi-user
      features, subtotaling, and much more.

      The basic operation of the program is remarkably
      simple: you click one button when you start working,
      fill in some details about what you did, and click
      another button when you're done.
      Novices can choose to work with simplified menus,
      hiding the features they are unlikely to use. They
      also benefit from a guided tour, videos, tutorial, a
      generous "How To" section in the online help, and
      numerous tips of the day. Each time they enter a new
      part of the program, a one-time orientation dialog
      will appear, providing additional guidance.

      Since Time Logger stores all data in standard
      Microsoft Access (mdb) format, power users can use
      other database applications to analyze or present
      their time records. An integrated database editor
      even allows power users to view and edit the nuts and
      bolts of all the Time Logger databases as well as any
      other mdb database on their system. Time Logger even
      includes a VBA macro facility.

      In summary, it's very easy to get started with
      Responsive Time Logger, but there are many powerful
      features for those who wish to take advantage of them.
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