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  Christmas Freecell  -  Version  1.01

Christmas Freecell, is the classic Freecell solitaire card game everyone is familiar with, but with a festive Christmas theme. Play in full screen mode, and with auto complete. Game play is fast, perfect for a quick break from work in the office. Great Holiday fun! If you're not familiar with Freecell, it is one of the most popular solitaire card games in the world. Like in a classic game of solitaire, you're goal is to build up 4 suit piles from Ace to King by suit. These Suit piles appear in the top right of the game screen. You can hep free up the cards you need by building down the columns alternating colors. Unlike in a classic game of solitaire, you can not move all the cards that are face up. In a classic game of Freecell, you can only move the top card in each column. I have modified this version to also allow you to move a fully packed series of cards. I have dimmed all the cards you can not move to make it obvious which cards you are allowed to move. In

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