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  Golfer Penguin Solitaire  -  Version  1.0

Golfer Penguin Solitaire, is a frecell solitaire card game with a fun golf theme, with a full screen mode. Unlike in traditional Freecell games, the game of Penguin has 7 columns, and 7 freecells. You can not build the columns down alternating colors, you have to build them down by suit. Also, the Suit piles start out with a random card, and the card values wrap around from King to Ace. If you're not familiar with Penguin or Freecelll, your goal is to build up four suit piles (located on the left) from an initial card value indicated by the card in the top suit pile, to the card that comes immediately before it in value. When you get to the King, you must wrap around to an Ace and start building up from there. In other words, if the top suit pile starts out with a 5, you must build all the suit piles up from 5 to King, then place an Ace on the pile over the King, then 2, 3, and stopping at 4. The 7 columns are built down by suit, and a King can be placed on top of an Ace of the same suit. When you

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