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  Golfer Spiderette Solitaire  -  Version  1.0

Golfer Spiderette Solitaire is a golf themed solitaire card game similar to Spider Solitaire, but played with a single deck of cards. The game is column based and your goal is to create columns of cards that are built from King to Ace. You can ignore the suit in a game of Spiderette Solitaire. Once you create a column of cards like that, it is removed from play. There are 7 columns you can build on and if you remove all the cards from a column, you can start that column with any card you would like. Your goal is to try and remove the cards from the game by getting them into columns arranged from King to Ace. If you get stuck you can deal an additional card to each row by clicking the game deck at the bottom of the game screen. You win the game if you can remove all the cards from play.

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