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 Windows CE - Information Management Tools

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PTab Spreadsheet 2.1
License: Commercial Demo | Price: 40 | Last Update: January 22, 2002

PTab is a fully functional spreadsheet for PocketPC, Handheld PC (HPC), Casio BE-300 (Cassiopeia BE300 Pocket Manager) or Palm-Size PC (PPC) with ...
obBASE 2.4
License: Shareware | Price: 69 | Last Update: November 07, 2000

Create your own databases on your HPC/PPC in minutes. obBASE is flexible, fast, and full of great features. It allows you to search, sort, import ...
PocketBase 1.0
License: Commercial Demo | Last Update: July 21, 2000

Create customized databases on your CE platform (no need to link to your desktop machine) in minutes. PocketBase is fast, small, and extremely easy to...
PassKey 1.1
License: Shareware | Price: 8 | Last Update: July 21, 2000

An information manager that lets you store your all of your password and registration information in one easy to use database. PassKey stores this sen...
PocketCaddie 1.01
License: Commercial Demo | Price: 5 | Last Update: July 21, 2000

The ultimate application for mobile PC owners that play golf. Built on the highly touted Microsoft Windows CE Operating System, PocketCaddie is as mob...
Expense Force 1.0
License: Shareware | Last Update: July 21, 2000

A simple day-to-day expense tracker. Expenses are stored in an expense page. Each expense page has a name, password (if required) and currency. Expens...
Pocket On-Schedule 2.5
License: Commercial Demo | Price: 9.95 | Last Update: July 21, 2000

Probably the best PIM on the market today. Totally flexible! Runs on Windows CE Handheld PC units only....
ClassPro 1.0
License: Commercial Demo | Price: 9.95 | Last Update: July 21, 2000

Student focused information manager. Allows easy but powerful tracking of assignments and notes . Class scheduling information, report generation. Sup...
HandMap Deluxe 2.0
License: Shareware | Price: 6 | Last Update: July 21, 2000

This program is an electronic street directory. You can zoom in and out and pan around looking at the map of the city or region installed. You can sea...
HPC ChequeBook 1.0
License: Freeware | Last Update: July 21, 2000

Keep track of the cheques that you write into this program for HPC's. For the runtime files for this program please visit the website. Runs on Windows...
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