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  Ýêñïðåññ-ðàñïèñàíèå Êîëëåäæ Ïîëíàÿ  -  Version  6.7.1

The computer program "The express shedule absolute" for automatic making shedule in schools, grammar schools, lycee. The program automatically makes the basic shedule, carries out the analysis of difficulty with according to new SanPin, allows to conduct the daily shedule, control of executed hours, making different reports. The full version has no restrictions. Description: The main idea of the express train the shedule and it's title is the fast procedure of making the shedule. The program allows to automatically make the shedule in few minutes with the help of unique algorithm and subsequent comfortable manual updating. In many programs the work with shedule comes to end, but "the express train the shedule" has the advantage in comparison with other programs, it allows to make different modifications in the shedule everyday and control actual executed hours.

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