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 Productivity Tools - Spreadsheets

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mightymacros Excel Utilities 4.6.9
License: Freeware | Last Update: November 30, 2020

mightymacros provides a useful set of tools for Excel
Excel Password 2018.05.05
License: Shareware | Price: 29.95 | Last Update: June 03, 2018

Advanced MS Excel password recovery tool.
VBA Line Numbers with CodeLiner 2.0
License: Shareware | Price: 9.99 | Last Update: January 23, 2017

Adds and removes code line numbers in your Excel Visual Basic VBA Project. Also works in Word VBA!
mightymacros Excel Utilities 3.38.3
License: Freeware | Last Update: November 21, 2015

mightymacros Excel Utilities simplifies many repetitive tasks by providing a useful set of tools with quick and direct access from the cell short cut ...